Elk Velvet Antler (EVA)
Information for People

Elk and Deer Antler has been highly valued throughout Asia for its
abundant medicinal and health promoting qualities for many centuries. To
date, Elk Antler continues to be one of the most important ingredients in
traditional Oriental medicine. It is still consumed today by millions of
people "world-wide" as a major tonic for promoting strength and stamina,
and for maintaining good health/preventing illness. In traditional oriental
medicine, velvet antler has been used for thousands of years to:

increase energy and muscle strength
improve stamina and mental alertness
increase blood flow and production
maintain and support joint function
restore bone mass
stimulate/strengthen the immune system
promote growth in children
correction of reproductive disorders in men and women
prevent aging and development of senility
enhance the repair and regeneration of tissues damaged from injury/surgery
work as a natural anti-depressive
increase oxygen in the body
naturally reduce joint inflammation

EVA is highly regarded as a supplement to restore and maintain good health. Extensive research studies over the last century on velvet antler, in Russia, China, New Zealand and North America, have confirmed many of the benefits claimed by the traditional medicine practitioners.

EVA is currently being used with success by both humans, as well as for their beloved pets (dogs, cats & horses).

It's All About the "Antlers"

Elk antlers grow very rapidly and are cast each year at the end of winter to start a new growth cycle. Our Elk antler's are humanely harvested, without drugs or chemicals, in the "velvet" stage, before they harden into bone. It is at this time, when still mostly composed of cartilage, they have the highest biological activity. Our EVA is prepared from the inner core of velvet antlers and is rich in vital components and nutrients. It contains anti-inflammatory agents, such as glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, powerful growth factors, minerals, including calcium and phosphorus and protein and amino acids. EVA is available both as capsules and in the powder form, although we distribute the power form only.

Velvet antler is naturally composed of:

•          Collagen cartilage
•          Glycosaminoglycan (lubricates the joints)
•          Chondroitin Sulfate (relieves arthritis symptoms)
•          Fatty acid, C18:3-Omega-6 Fatty (lowers cholesterol)
•          Poly Saccharides (improves circulation, decreases stroke risk)
•          All essential Amino Acids
•          Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron and Zinc (essential minerals)
•          Prostaglandins (reduce inflamation)
•          Alkaline Phosphatase (promotes tissue healing and cell repair)
•          Monoamine-oxidase Inhibitors (works as an antidepressant)
•          Bone Morphogenetic Protein (regulates bone growth)
•          Uronic Acid (improves circulation and decreases stroke risk)
•          Hyaluronic Acid (lubricates the joints)
•          Pantocrine (increases muscle performance)
•          Neutrophils (promotes body's resistance to disease and injury).


Indications for Use


Osteoarthritis is a progressive degenerative disease resulting in cartilage and bone loss and chronic joint pain. EVA is a good source of chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine sulfate and glycosaminoglycans, which have potent anti-inflammatory effects and significant clinical implications in the treatment of osteoarthritis and other degenerative muscle, bone and joint conditions.  


Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammation of multiple joints in the body resulting in degeneration of both cartilage and bone. The administration of type ll collagen has been shown to result in significant reduction in joint swelling and pain of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. EVA is also a significant source of type ll collagen, which may help reduce joint swelling and soreness.


A healthy and robust immune system is essential to resist many diseases and maintain good health. Recent studies have shown that the administration of extracts of velvet antlers resulted in significant immune stimulant activity.


Multiple studies conducted since the late 1960’s have shown that extracts of velvet antler can dramatically increase the dynamic work potential of athletes by increasing muscle and nerve strength and function. Recently, US researchers concluded that EVA may have positive effects in reducing body fat and increasing strength and power in men doing resistance training.  


Various studies have shown that EVA speeds the healing and recovery from injuries such as whiplash, surgery and other trauma sustained to the body. EVA has also been shown to prevent or reduce both shock and stress responses.


EVA may also benefit the elderly through protective effects against the onset of senility. Anecdotal
reports suggest that EVA reduces the severity of symptoms in pre & post-menopausal women and helps offset the onset of osteoporosis.

Who Uses EVA

My customers use velvet for a variety of different conditions including general overall wellness, anti-aging effects, increased energy, pain associated with arthritis, back/body pain, joint stiffness, high or low blood pressure, poor blood/oxygen circulation, migraines & headaches, menopausal and menstrual disorders, low-sex drive, erectile dysfunction, Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, to speed up recovery time from injuries such as whiplash, helps repair muscles after exercise, and surgery. As with other natural health products, Canadian laws prevent specific medical claims. However, I can refer you to the growing scientific literature on the benefits of velvet, as well as a number of very impressive testimonials!

As with any new product you are considering taking, you should consult your Doctor prior to starting EVA. This product should not be used if you have (or have had) a hormone-dependant cancer (i.e. breast/ovaries and/or prostate). 

How Much EVA Powder Should I Take

On average, the recommended daily dosage for humans is 560-580mg’s of EVA daily until you feel noticeable, consistent improvements. At this time, you can decrease your daily intake if you choose to, as this is not a requirement. What works for you depends on many factors, including your age, weight, stress levels, and the nature of your ailment(s). Often, when people have sustained an injury, or, are recovering from surgery, they will increase their daily dosage by as much as 50%-75% for the first 4-6 weeks. *As well, a number of reports indicate a higher success rate with people taking approximately 250mg’s EVA/50 lbs. of bodyweight. (This is what I personally recommend - at least for the initial “loading phase” of 4-6 weeks. I personally follow this dosage daily).

Given that there are wide dosage safety margins, and no known/documented contradictions when used with other medications (i.e. blood pressure/cholesterol, etc.), the dosage that works for you may be different from what works for someone else.

Most people begin to feel improvements (mentally/physically/emotionally) within the first few weeks of
taking their recommended daily dosage of EVA powder. This being said, and, as with most natural products,
6-12 weeks of continued, “daily use”, is a more realistic amount of time to give any natural product a
proper chance to work to achieve optimal results. It is also best to take your EVA powder in the mornings,
unless you are “doubling-up” (to treat intense muscle-joint pain, after surgery, etc.), at which time you
can take ½ in the AM and ½ in the PM.